How to clean your Cushy Canine

Accidents happen! But now what?

The outside covers are made from a durable, luxury micro suede. Spot cleaning our fabric will work for most accidents which means less time having to wash your Cushy Canine. Fun fact - One of the best methods to spot clean your Cushy Canine is using wet wipes. Give it a try and be amazed as we were!

Can I machine wash my Cushy Canine Covers?

Yes you can definitely machine wash your Cushy Canine covers. We recommend washing the cover in delicate mode in cold water and hang dry. Avoid putting the covers in the dryer.

Is there a protective liner?

We try our best to be as environmentally friendly as possible and have decided that plastic liners unnecessarily increase the use of plastics. If an accident or spill occurs, simply hang dry the cover and or foam and it will dry no problem!