Who we are

Who is Cushy Canine?

We are a Canadian, family owned and operated business. Our dad started an environmental product manufacturing company in Calgary AB 20+ years ago. We have since expanded our office space to Surrey, BC Canada and that’s where most of us call home. 

It all started when we launched a kids play couch (the Cushy Couch) as we were sick of picking up our couch cushions from our adult couch every night after the kids went to bed but still wanted something that looked good in our house! After the first 2 years since the launch, we received an amazing response on the Cushy Couch. We noticed a large community that wanted the same things as us - furniture that was handmade and looked good in there house!

One of the overwhelming responses we heard was the need to have a Cushy Couch comparable for our furry friends. That's when we realized we should launch Cushy Canine, which mimics our kids couch; made with premium, adult-grade microsuede, that compliments your home décor, meticulously crafted by hand right here in North America (Canada!).

We couldn't do Cushy Canine without our amazing team in Calgary who cut, sew, stuff, and box every order. We have anywhere from 13-16 sewers working at any given time and some who have been working for us for 15+ years. We are lucky to have them

Thanks again for your on going support and shopping local! As we are about to hit our two year Anniversary we are so thankful to all of YOU who have purchased a Cushy Canine, who have provided amazing feedback and continue to have fun with us! Let's keep the good times rolling.

Cushy Family